The homemade mosquito spray works!

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A while back I blogged about a homemade mosquito spray recipe I found in one of my favorite magazines. The recipe mixes a handful of essential oils with rubbing alcohol. You load the mixture in a spray bottle and use it just like ordinary, store-bought mosquito spray. My brother came over for dinner the day I first made my spray. After dinner we went outside to watch our chickens for a while. Aaron and I both sprayed ourselves down, but my brother declined because he was leaving shortly. After five or 10 minutes outside, Jason commented that a mosquito had just bitten him. Aaron and I remained unscathed! The spray smells great, too. I definitely recommend it.

The ingredients cost about $30, but they’ll probably last me for 5-7 batches. It was difficult figuring out the correct ratio of ingredients before I figured out I needed to convert the oz. figures into ml.

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  1. Shannon August 15, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    How does it smell? I use Burt’s Bees and it smells minty and herbal, which is OK, but it’s hard to get off because of the oil. So you basically have to shower after you use it.

  2. Angela August 17, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    I’d describe the smell as minty and herbal, as well! The peppermint makes it smell like mint. I haven’t had problems with the smell lingering, but then again, it’s Texas and when I walk outside I am immediately drenched in sweat. Some days I have to take two showers!

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