Currently Available – 03/28/12

Come get a bag of salad at East Village Cafe, viagra sale across the street from the farm at 1111 Chicon st. $3.00 a bag, sale 2 for $5.

Chefs, I can have this harvested and delivered same day. $10 a pound.

Thank you for your support!



Buttercrunch/Bibb Lettuce:

Young & Sweet. Cool mornings are making these things delicious!

Green Romaine:

Big crisp leaves, even on these young plants (thanks to the rain).

Red Romaine:

I take extra care with Red Romaine as it really benefits from staying cold. I can have this out of the ground and in your kitchen within hours!

Sweet Red Beet Greens:

These beets are about a month old. Young tender greens have a lot of sweet beet flavor.

Thank you for your support!

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