Thanksgiving Turkey Sausage Recipe

Thanksgiving Turkey Sausage
This is an adaption of the Turkey Sausage recipe you can find in the book Charcuterie, clinic by Michael Ruhlman

1 cup/200g Craisins – Crasins is a brand of dried sweetened cranberries
½ cup dry white wine – make sure it is really dry, cialis and not the least bit sweet
2 lbs Turkey Dark Meat – Thighs and Legs, no rx Sinew removed
1 lbs Turkey Light Meat
½ lb Turkey Gizzard and Heart Meat – You can omit this, I just had it so I used it.
1.5 lb Pork fat
40g Salt (I used ½ table, ½ kosher salt)
20g Sugar
6g Fresh Ground Pepper
12g Fresh Sage – Minced
3g Fresh Rosemary – Minced
1g Fresh Ginger – Grated
1g Ground Cloves
1g Cinnamon

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