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Thanksgiving 2012 Heritage Turkeys Arrive at the farm

5 Royal Palm, sales 5 Bourbon Red, and 5 Narragansett Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Our chicks are growing fast

Aaron and I bought nine baby chickens a couple of weeks ago, and two turkey chicks. Our six adult chickens in February 2012 will reach their one-year anniversaries of laying eggs, which means their egg production could begin to decline. We bought the chicks now to begin growing them so they will be ready to lay by the time our adult chickens are decreasing their production. We bought the turkeys to eat at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because it’s so hot in Texas in the summertime, it’s a good time to raise chicks. Otherwise you must keep them under a heat lamp so they don’t get too cold. The chicks are growing so quickly! Here are some delightful photos.

photo of one turkey and five chicks

Curious turkey and chicks

photo of one americana chick

Americana chick

photo of one Americana chick

Americana chick

Photo of adult Americana chicken

Hawk, our adult Americana chicken

photo of Barred Rock chick

Barred Rock chick

Photo of adult Barred Rock chicken

Booker, our adult Barred Rock chicken

Photo of four sleeping chicks

Sleeping chicks

photo of Rhode Island Red chick

Rhode Island Red (left)

photo of two Cuckoo Maran chicks

Cuckoo Maran chicks

photo of turkey chick

Turkey chick

photo of two baby turkeys

Turkey chicks

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